What Is Coming in 2017?

Flame of Inspiration is a music project consisting of instrumental, progressive, symphonic, rock and metal elements.

Energetic Instrumental Rock Music with a bit of fire to it.

Songs have been released periodically since 2012 but plans for more recording and production are in the works for 2017.

Why instrumental? It is a challenge to create instrumental pieces that keep the listener engaged. Every song is meant to capture the listener with interesting melody, sound effects and energy. Will vocals be introduced? Maybe at some point, but now the focus is to create quality instrumental rock music.

The last release is Fiery Dawn from 2014. It has a spacey, science fiction feel to it along with somewhat of a dark mood.

2017 will bring new material and will begin a faster release of new songs. Some works have been recorded already but are unfinished. The vision is to bring these songs into the light this year and after.


Songs Available For Download



Latest Recording Notes:

The latest track is “Fiery Dawn”. This a haunting, dark instrumental with a futuristic, science fiction feel to it. With every song I try to paint a picture with sound.
“Chaos Descending” is my absolute favorite and I love how it turned out. Definitely a wall of sound on this track.
“Wishing To Be There” started as simple acoustic track. I then built on it to make it sound bigger and breathed more musical emotion into it.


About the Musician:

Bill J Reifenrath: Electric Guitar, Bass Guitar, Keyboard, Vocals, Percussion, and Drum Programming. Music Production, Mixing, and Mastering.
Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA


Other Projects:

Check out my Ambient/World/Celtic project, Nemeton III. www.thenemeton.com


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